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Kings Of Air and Steam


Kings of Air and Steam


Are you cunning enough to be the King of Air and Steam? 

Manage your shipping empire in this thrilling turn-based strategy game. Build your fortunes by meeting the demands of thriving cities in the time of booming industry. Plan your airship movement ahead of time and adapt strategy for the changing winds in the market and to outsmart your rival captains. Unlock all 14 pilots, each with a unique ability, in a full featured campaign mode. Also, challenge friends on the cross-platform multiplayer mode on your favorite device. 




A partner of mine and I formed Dapper Dragon Games and are working with the board game publisher of Kings of Air and Steam directly on this project. One fun part of forming a new company is making your branding. Above is the Dapper Dragon logo I created.


My partner and I worked on the script and outline for the teaser that would get us eventually Greenlit on Steam for development. We used in game content captures and I created some motion graphics to show off our intended art quality. We worked on a few revisions before landing on the final script & edit.



Kings was recently Greenlit by the community on Steam.



For most of the design development phase I worked on wireframes to help inform our final design. Above is the wireframe for the character select screen below. My goal was to maintain the steampunk vibe in the UI. The game is currently in development.


Kings of Air and Steam is set to launch by the end of this year on Steam.