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Intel Droid


Intel Droid


The power of Intel was now available to Android. Working with Heist Projects and Mode Adjust, I worked on 3D workflow pipelines between Cinema 4d, Maya & After Effects. I contributed to lighting, animation and design for this short animated commercial.



The final animation was titled Intel 1984. The story was one lucky droid gets chosen to go to the surface world of Tomorrow to the better and brighter future with Intel. It was fun getting to work on Lloyd the Android.


Numerous animatics were made to quickly block out shots in an edit. Rough animation and camera moves are keyframed for the larger strokes. Once we have pacing and camera composition set, we then moved onto easing the animation curves. Above is an early render of the ending shot I worked on. Notice the blocking of the objects and camera movements were fairly close to the final render.


My workflow is to do materials and lighting last. This saves on rendering time and it makes for faster turnover if the direction of the project changes. I take color references and build a color palette and save it to a Photoshop document, so I can use it as color reference for the overall look of the scene. I take photos and keep a catalog of image inspirations to always be able to create a mood quickly through color studies.


Once I get the desired look, it is taken into final compositing to get the final pass. For final processing, I sometimes save on post effects such as camera blur or motion blur and do the post effects in After Effects again saving time.

In all my 3D projects workflow process is so key because of how time consuming rendering is. So, for this project I developed a workflow where multiple 3D artists & animators could collaborate in different 3D software packages at the same time using XREFs and alembic file format, our 3D team was able to work on different parts of a shared 3D asset. This dramatically saved from unnecessary dependencies and it helped increase our productivity. 



CD: Roger Scott
Director: John Foreman
3D Lead: Russell Hirtzel
Producer: Amy Dempsy
Music: Matt Hutchison