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Gatorade Fuel Bar


Gatorade Fuel Bar

Getting ready for the Superbowl, I worked with the fine folks at Kaicon & Mode Adjust on developing an app for the press media to quickly learn about Gatorade's new product lines. My role was art director and UX designer. I worked closely with the development team, Deedod, and iOS technology specialist, MMMLabs to help launch the app in under a month.



We had to deploy an iOS experience in under a month.



Working with the team at Gatorade was great. They provided spreadsheets full of product data, print graphics for the products and video content. Then, it was up to our team to make an app to showcase all their new products to the media. We looked at different touch screens, but felt that within our alloted time and budget that the iPad was the most cost effective and easiest solution. One problem is we're not iOS developers. In my past jobs, I have done a lot of web development from javascript, Flash and CSS. I knew how to get this job done in the amount of time but on a different platform. Luckily, our in house developer came up with the workflow to package an HTML 5 site into Testflight to deploy across the multiple iPads bypassing the Apple Store and we can push new builds daily. It was my job to art direct and design the site and work with the HTML 5 developers to get the site ready to be packaged up.

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