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DFI TECH Rebrand


After huge success in the early PC days, DFI TECH needed a brand facelift. So, I worked closely with the VP of marketing to unveil the new DFI TECH. I helped create the art direction for the re-brand, and maintained the visual language throughout the experience including large and small print media campaigns, website, and video content.






I worked closely with the brand for three plus years from the ground up.






We took the new brand on the road to Infocomm, a premiere AV tradeshow, and unveiled DFI TECH to thousands of potential customers. All their interactive products including their new Media Engine M100 were on display and they needed digital and print content to support them. I made everything from the large format media, QR codes posters, printable and downloadable PDFs and video content displayed on 3x3 video grid powered by their own M100. There was no better way to show the power of their new Media Engine than by powering an Ultra HD resolution.




Imagine this playing on a 150-inch display 20 feet above you.



Originally, I would come down to Sacramento, CA from Portland, OR to shoot the new products on a Canon 5d Mark III, but I worked with their engineering team to get the CAD files for all their computer models. Using 3D rendering software, I was then able to quickly visualize their products. This helped with quickly building their online catalog on their site as well as making infinite possibilities for print media and digital media.


A quick QR scan would send you one of the PDFs to your e-mail so you could quickly peruse any of the products you were interested in. It was also a great way to collect business contacts for DFI TECH to follow up with. It was like leaving a digital business card behind. This also left a nice way for contacts to view DFI TECH's website.