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Adidas Boost


Adidas Boost


Adidas Boost Technology was going to make a huge impact on current shoe technology. So, I took my visualization skills to a molecular level to display what Boost was made of.






A quick sculpt in Cinema 4d created all the particles.






The story was to sell the new top secret materials inside Boost. I was tasked to explore the different inherent properties using all kinds of materials. Style frames were sent to the client for feedback.




A quick post process was applied to get the desired aesthetic.



It starts with a clean 3D image plate and in After Effects the image is balanced, additional particles and camera effects are applied followed by a general color grade. And if needed there are custom area touch ups to spot heal specific areas. In Michael Bay fashion, obligatory lens flares are a must.


Above is a quick before and after shot. The goal is to get the 3D render as close to the desired art direction. With just a few quick post production passes and a touch of lens flare, the final art quality can be achieved.




Motion pre-visualizations were done before creating final animations.